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Prestige Luxury Vinyl Plank FarmsteadPerhaps one of the most important benefits of choosing beautifully attractive luxury vinyl flooring plank products is that they look so incredibly real and genuine. As a matter of fact, these products are so good today that they can actually be mistaken for real hardwood. Often referred to as LVP, exclusive high-end luxury vinyl flooring or plank looks like real hardwood planks while the same product can also look exactly like real tile. From natural stone to tile and marble as well as hardwood, LVP is an important product that is sweeping the industry when it comes to beautifying homes and businesses nationwide.

Remarkably and Stunningly Realistic

Because the product is so innovative and unique in that it is made available in individual pieces rather than sheet vinyl, the opportunity to mimic beautifully attractive flooring materials is achieved. Best of all, modern vinyl products of this kind are waterproof or at the very minimum very water resistant. Another similar product in this lineup is known as EVP or engineered vinyl plank. It is a product that is remarkably and stunningly realistic in terms of conveying the look and feel of real hardwood. Because the product is so durable and waterproof and uses high density fiberboard at its core, it is a product that enjoys great popularity today.

Better Cushioning and Better Feel Overall

As is typically the case with engineered hardwood or laminate flooring, engineered vinyl planking is much thicker than other products and is installed by being glued to a sub-surface. This remarkably popular type of flooring material is exceptionally versatile and resilient and can handle even high traffic areas. In many cases, the product is so good that it is a preferred alternative to more costly engineered hardwood flooring. Another important key consideration is that in days gone by luxury vinyl was typically only available in glue down form. Today, the option for a floating floor is the standard. This provides for better cushioning and better feel overall when walking on the product.

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