Villagio Wood Floors Product Page

Villagio Hardwood Floors LogoGenuinely unique and special in so many ways. Villagio Wood Floors are known for being beautiful, strong and resilient. The flooring products offered by Villagio Wood Floors will withstand years of foot traffic. They will still looking new, beautiful and impressive years after installation. Most importantly, these products use materials that are ecologically friendly while never sacrificing overall quality.

In addition, Villagio Wood engineered hardwood floors are most notably available. They are produced in a variety of maple species as well as European oak. Another unique feature of this highly desirable type of stunningly eye-catching flooring is that it is comprised of multiple layers of lacquer or oil. This is a key consideration because it helps to add unparalleled protection, leveling and a custom look that is chic by any measure.

Beautiful, Strong and Resilient Hardwood Floor, Now Available In Houston, TX

The classic European oak product is best known for its unmistakably modern look. With a brushed-wire surface, this hardwood flooring exudes distinction while still being well protected. Specially when produced with oil as well as UV lacquer. This simply means that these beautiful and stunning floors will last longer and wear better over time. With so much to offer it is clear to see why Villagio Wood Floors continue to be such a popular choice among builders, homeowners and business owners.

The maple species is truly an elegant selection. Villagio Hardwood floors are for just about any room in a modest home to even the most luxurious and lavish homes imaginable. With a smooth surface and a satin sheen finish, this is a particular type of flooring that is sure to catch anyone’s eye. This product is equally impressive because of a UV lacquer that provides unparalleled protection and long-lasting durability. Few other flooring products can compare for those who demand the very best in a modern flooring product that is guaranteed to look absolutely amazing. Call today to learn more.