Legno Bastone Hardwood Flooring Product Page

Legno Bastone Logo in black backgroundLegno Bastone is no ordinary type of flooring product. Indeed, this beautifully amazing type of flooring is known for wide planks that are long and expertly engineered beyond imagination. These uniquely designed wide planks feature stunningly attractive wood grain that is gentle and soft to the touch.

Legno Bastone woodplank flooring is special and memorable in more ways than one. Keep in mind that the Legno Bastone brand was founded in the late 1800s. This is a company with a proven track record when it comes to exquisite flooring products that last and that are intended to impress.

With craftsmanship that is reminiscent of age-old European tradition, this type of flooring product can enhance virtually any kind of interior space. From a very basic urban apartment environment to a breathtaking castle or even a high-end well appointed home, Legno Bastone is the perfect solution.

Now Available in Houston, TX

Those in search of custom-designed flooring in Houston that is handcrafted need look no further. Legno Bastone is remarkably resilient and beautifully attractive wide-plank flooring product. Regardless of the project at hand, Legno Bastone can help you take an ordinary flooring project to an entirely new level of perfection.

Best of all, these stunning wide planks are made of raw wood from some of the most notable forests in all of Europe. Many of these forests are generations old where trees that have been selected are easily over 150 years old. This in itself tells a story in terms of quality and flooring perfection that is second to none.

Legno Bastone offers everything from the wood structure to the knots. Grain are all carefully considered for each and every wide plank wood flooring lot offered by Legno Bastone. Its Products are proudly displayed in some of the most elegant and luxurious homes and commercial spaces in the world. Legno Bastone is a unique type of custom flooring that must not be missed. Call today to learn more.