The History Of Timberline Flooring

Timberline is a Houston flooring center with an impressive beginning going back to the 1990s. The company started as a commercial flooring company in 1999, and has since grown to become one of the region’s most trusted and respected names in a full range of flooring products. The company has steadily grown to include a long and detailed list of well over 25,000 flooring products. We serve both residential and commercial customers in Houston and the surrounding communities. In terms of both the Houston residential housing market and the Houston business market, Timberline is one of the most respected and most sourced flooring experts in the region. Our company is known for staying abreast of the latest changes and innovations in the flooring market. Timberline experts watch trends and then source flooring-materials to stay up-to-date with the latest in developing trends in the industry. As our company continues to grow and expand we will add more unique and incredibly attractive hardwood flooring materials, European tiles and the finest wool carpeting found anywhere in the world. Those wishing to learn more should simply visit our inviting and very large showroom in Houston. Here you will find a complete array of flooring surfaces in different textures, styles, designs and colors. Visit today and see for yourself.

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Our Commitment To Quality

Timberline is a Houston flooring center with a proven reputation for only providing the best in quality when it comes to products and materials for floors. From our inception in the late 1990s, we have been committed to providing clients with outstanding products through our exclusive relationships with manufacturers. All of our suppliers and vendors are carefully selected to ensure that our valued clients have access to the very best in flooring materials from around the world. We work with manufacturers that are dedicated to the finest quality in flooring. Distributors from around the globe work closely with Timberline buyers to ensure that quality is always a top priority. Every bundle of flooring product that arrives at Timberline must go through a detailed and rigorous inspection prior to being purchased by our company. Our team carefully inspects each and every product shipment to make certain that there are no cracks and that proper thickness, the right color value as well as the right surface markings, product reliability, polish, finish and plank size are all perfect in every way. Our team never accepts second best in this regard. Quality control is a main concern for our staff at Timberline. The quality that Timberline customers have come to expect is our first priority. Visit the showroom today and see for yourself why Timberline is regarded as the best Houston flooring center in the region.

About Our Suppliers

Our impressive product line is respected throughout the industry because we take the time to choose suppliers carefully. As a premier Houston flooring center, Timberline has access to some of the highest quality tiles, hardwood flooring, carpeting and natural biodegradable products found anywhere in the world. Virtually any room in the home will be sure to gain from the quality products that we make available. Most importantly, the suppliers we select are carefully chosen based on their commitment to a production process that is environmentally sustainable. Regardless of your project budget, time constraints or job applications, one thing is certain and that is that Timberline has what you need in terms of flooring materials. In addition, our carpeting manufacturers feature a full line of quality products that are intended to handle even the most demanding residential or commercial job requirements. From accent carpeting to elegant decorative carpeting and everything in between, Timberline has the carpeting that you desire. Coordinating your home interior with the perfect color, style, shape or texture of carpeting has never been easier thanks to our extensive product line and team of flooring experts. We offer outstanding customer service and a level of customer satisfaction that is second to none. Visit our beautiful and impressive showroom today to learn more about flooring products in Houston that are simply beyond imagination.

Our Valued Timberline Customers

As a trusted and respected name in retail and wholesale Houston flooring, Timberline is known throughout the region and the community as a reliable source for the finest in flooring products and materials. From bamboo to cork and premium quality carpeting as well as porcelain ceramic tiles and hardwood flooring, decorative wall tiles and ceramic tile along with everything in between, Timberline has what you need. We even feature a wide selection of outdoor flooring products for those who appreciate quality materials for an outdoor space. We offer outstanding service, as well as a dedication and commitment to responsive customer service. Timberline is trusted when it comes to taking clients through every aspect of the flooring selection process. Interior designers, contractors, developers and others have come to depend upon and respect the Timberline name. With an impressive and professionally laid out showroom, we make it easy and convenient to find almost any type of flooring product. Featuring experienced and knowledgeable flooring professionals, our showroom staff makes it easy and effortless for you to find the exact flooring product that you desire. Visit our showroom today and discover Houston flooring that is always a cut above the competition.

The Timberline Warranty

Timberline Flooring Center wants each and every client to be fully satisfied. As such, it is a top priority to ensure that your flooring product purchase and installation experience are always world-class. It should be noted that in most instances actual flooring material and flooring products are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. In addition, Timberline makes available to residential customers a complete lifetime warranty on any installation labor. This warranty period begins from the date of installation. It covers the flooring labor of clients homestead as long as they own their homes. However, the warranty does not cover any possible damage caused by neglect, chemical products, or any type of misuse of the product. It is also important to note that if there are ever any defects associated with the installation process, the customer is encouraged to notify Timberline within a 30-day period. Customers can call 281-650-4167 and speak with Michael O’Brien regarding any warranty related questions.